Starting the 40 Day Sugar Fast

I'm an admitted sugar addict.  I couldn't care less the form in which it comes, just gimme the good stuff.  

This has been a life long thing.  I remember craving white bread early on.  I could eat white bread of any kind and keep on desiring more.  Sugary drinks, candy, white carbs, you name it, it was all fair game.  We're talking young ages here as well, under 5 and on up.  

In fact, I remember being on a diet at 5 years old.  My obesity started quite young.  Even my toddler photos were of a chunky little girl.  Oh I tried to lose weight through the years, and often succeeded.  I tried starvation, various fad diets, extreme workouts lasting hours, you name it.  Fat always came back.  It brought friends and loved ones.  

I'm now 45, and honestly it's tiring carrying around excess weight.  It's wrecked joints, compounded with stresses of body breaking jobs that are well known for tearing up joints.  The sugar monster still has residence, and it's a hard little monster to control.  It's like a toddler with an attitude problem.  

Here recently I found a book by Wendy Speake called The 40 Day  Sugar Fast.  I wasn't really looking for a book on this but the Lord put it in my sights.  

This book has an easy design, with encouragement via scriptures and stories from the author's past experiences to make it more personable.  This isn't a skinny Minnie doctor who has never had an overfilled fat cell in her life.  Ms. Speake is someone you can relate with, as a parent, a person desiring to conquer sugar, and a Believer.  

I've lost 30 pounds so far, simply cutting sugar back to a once a week or so occasion vs an every day thing.  No sugary drinks, candy, sweet tea (ok this is a killer), white carbs, etc if at all possible.  Am I perfect at it?  Nope.  But I've made a tremendous effort.  

Do you have a tendency to wrestle with the sugar monster?  If you do, how do you work to control and conquer it?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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