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New Items at Alabaster Box Attire

 We have new items at Alabaster Box Attire on Etsy!  Today we have new scrub hats! I located 2 containers of scrub hats I had cut during the beginning of Covid, and decided it was time to start sewing them up.  There's easily hundreds, from basic tied unisex variety, to bouffants with coordinating body and brim.  I've also purchased a ponytail variety that allows hair to be held in a ponytail pouch.   The new hats, as well as some that I've had a little while, are found at Alabaster Box Attire on Etsy.      There are approximately 80 in the shop so far.  There are several for Christmas and Autumn there, many are reversible.   If you are looking for a scrub hat, stop on by and take a look around!  

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