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Learning Keto and Modifications (You Can Too!)

  Last month I started the 40 Day Sugar Fast  , and it has been pretty successful.  The desire for sugar is gone.  Sugar doesn't run my life anymore, and the desire for white breads and other white non-nutritional carbs is gone.   I've tested the carb desire--a bit of French bread was so sweet, I had no idea store bought bread was so sweet.  I've tried a piece of candy here and there. desire, no ravenous monster.  No "aaaah" feeling.  It's like that receptor died.  Believe me I'm glad. While reading the 40 Day Sugar Fast on, another book popped up in suggested reading.  It was Dirty Lazy Keto.  Now, I'd heard bits and pieces about strictness and macros and micro and counting this and that with keto, so never really gave it much heed.  I don't want to do math homework for each meal or snack.  Math makes me sad.   Imagine my surprise in reading through Dirty Lazy Keto, how the idea really is not strict at all.  It's basic

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