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Low Carb Living Is Easier Than You Think

  For the past 15 months I've been on a journey into low carb living.  It started with the desire to drop blood sugars into an acceptable range, as well as drop fat.  I felt so sick, physically dragging, constantly tired, and wanted better.  My joints hurt all the time due to inflammation from sugars and carbs, as well as excess weight and pressure on the joints.  I didn't fit into many office chairs with arms due to my behind and hips being excessively large.   Before starting on the low carb diet/lifestyle, I did a lot of reading.  I read through books by Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Robert Lustig, and Dr. Ken Berry, as well as listened to the three on their respective YouTube channels.  I read through a book on keto diet and recipes called Dirty Lazy Keto , which sounded appealing.   With research in hand, I jumped in full bore, giving up sugars, grains, beans, and other carb laden foods immediately.  No slow going into the lifestyle.  The first days were tough, as much as I don'

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