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Fly Over States

  Today I had opportunity to run to Lamar, MO, just a hop, skip and jump over the state line from us.  The sky was so bright and sunny!  The warmth coming in the window was nice, especially on a chilly January morning.  The above picture was taken this morning near the border of MO and KS, on the MO side. I saw the trails in the sky and thought about how so many people fly over us in the middle of the country.  We're called "fly over" states.  People really miss out on what's down here on the ground when they're travelling across country, big city to big city. For instance, they miss out on the new calves jumping around and butting heads, playing with one another in the pasture close to their mothers.  They miss seeing young goats bouncing around in the barnyard, some of them with little pajamas on (it's not just on YouTube!!)  It's not easy to see individual geese on the pond from a few thousand feet in the air.  They miss seeing the little things that ma

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