Another Segment of Losing Myself


So, it's September.  I completely forgot to check in in August.  Life gets so busy at times, I meet myself coming and going.  

I'm now 52 pounds down!!  WWWOOOOHOOOO!!  I still wear the 22/24W top and 26/28W bottoms, but they are changing a little in how they fit.  That's great!  There's been a few extra cheat days in, a few extra trips to Taco Bell when I was too tired to cook after work.  It's at times just easier to get a dozen burritos for the family and call it good.  But, I am back on track.

The dirty, lazy keto diet has become a lifestyle of sorts now.  It is almost knee jerk reaction to check carb counts, sugars if any, and so on.  I still don't count calories, and mostly just check fat, protein, carb counts.  

The overall low carb diet lifestyle has helped work on my PCOS.  Hormones are changing and things are happening that haven't for a while.  My areas of lipodema are lessening as well.  For those who don't know what lipodema is, it is a build up of inflamed fat cells (not just full cells, but inflammed) around knees, on arms, cuffs above the ankles, etc.  It settles in different people in different areas, but it becomes truly hardened and rough as alligator skin.  Mine has settled in the knees to make a big bulge on each knee, and cuffs at the ankles.  They are reducing and softening well.  One knee has reduced down almost 50%, the other around 25%..the other is more stubborn.  The ankle cuffs have significantly reduced and softened.  Stasis dermatitis on my outter legs that used to weep often and hurt so much, is nearly an after thought.  So, while the scale is slow to move, other effects are going on that a scale can't measure.

All Day I Dream About Food has been an amazing source for some yummy recipes.  I've tried out the chaffles and a few other more savory items, and they are definitely worth the try!  

Today is bread baking day.  What I bake is not keto.  It's not even low carb.  I have yet to find a good bread recipe that is anywhere close to what my family will eat, so I go back to the old faithfuls.  Today is sourdough making, with a rye/oat starter that has fermented well.  It doesn't raise blood sugars as high as the standard wheat or white bread, so it's a go to in the house.  It makes the family happy.  It toasts well with some real butter, cinnamon, and a bit of sweetener and tastes similar to the cinnamon toast of my childhood, which makes me happy.  Win win.  Leftover sourdough batter I've brought out and fed extra well will go into pancakes.  Paired with some bacon brought out of the freezer, the family will enjoy breakfast for supper.  My recipe is a basic sourdough, and I add in eggs and sour cream for proteins.  I tend to shy away from milk in baking anymore, to me it's just added carbs where they're not needed.  I do add it in to biscuits and such for the family.  Milk, if added, I let sit and ferment into the sourdough batter.  It adds to the tangy flavor.  

What are you up to today?  I'd love to hear from you!  


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