Bible Verse Writing, Reading, Memorization

Each January I get this bright idea with amazing intentions, that I'm going to read my Bible cover to cover, plus sit and do bible verse writing.  

You may have seen these on various blogs or even Facebook, Pinterest,  or Instagram posts, where someone shares bible verses on a subject over a 30 day period.  These can cover a variety of things, from peace, joy, contentment, to holidays like Christmas or Passover or Thanksgiving.  The premise is that by writing out each verse, you read deeper and take time to memorize when writing.  Plus it's improving and encouraging handwriting in a world that revolves around keyboards.  

This year I started with the best of intentions, knowing it probably wouldn't last long.  I have purchased several packs of filler paper, 3 ring binders, notebooks, pens, highlighters, etc to accomplish the task.  I even bought bible study workbooks to use as well.    Here it is in early October and very little has been accomplished.  My paper is still neatly in their wrappers, pens used for work, highlighters lonely in a pencil pouch, workbooks only partially finished.  I've learned over the year to do what I can and not sweat the rest, that any study, any writing is better than none.  

Instead of waiting until January, I've hopped back on the bible verse writing bus, with outlines from Sweet Blessings blog.  While she no longer creates more outlines, she has graciously kept her blog active and free for anyone interested in verse writing.  I've followed her for several years and collected many of her outlines.  She's been an inspiration!  

You can find studies and scripture writing sites on my Pinterest board.  Feel free to look through them and use whatever you find!

I truly encourage you to try scripture writing.  It is encouraging, and really does help in memorization.  I hope you give it a shot, you won't be disappointed. 


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