God's Design for Women


The last few days I've been listening to John MacArthur's book, God's High Calling for Women.  It is part of the book Divine Design.  I found the audiobook on Audible, and have read the entire book beyond the Design for Women.  

This has been an inspiring listen.  It is almost a relief, a reminder of who I am in the Lord. The world tell us women that we have to be like men, that we can do just as much as men, we're to be masculine and compete with men, and if we show a softer side then we're weak.  That's not what God has in store for us!

Women have always been the softer, more sensitive ones.  We've been the homemakers, creating beauty and comfort in some of the hardest of places throughout history.  While women have worked hard beside their men, they've not taken men's place in society.  In recent decades, it really seems as if the world has decided we women must be just like men, that there is zero difference between us, and if we embrace our femininity, we are weak and nothing but a door mat.  

This couldn't be farther from the truth.  In today's society, it takes strength to go against the grain of feminism, worldly interests, and the ideals of a secular mindset.  Staying home to tend the home and family is very important, regardless of what talking heads on tv or radio would tell us.  Teaching our sons to be the masculine men they were meant to be, to provide for their families and work hard in the occupations the Lord gives them, this is very important.  

I highly recommend reading this book when you get a chance, you won't regret it.  If you are a conservative, bible believer you will get a lot from this book.  Have your bible close by to go through each of the bible verses that MacArthur sites as sources for his thoughts.  I can't give the book justice in descriptions.  But, I highly recommend reading this!



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