Breathing Out and Breathing In

 "Breathing out and breathing in, it's so natural to talk with Him" are lyrics to a song I listen to on Pandora.  It's called "I Pray".  

Growing up, praying was something I knew nothing about.  I wasn't a church kid by any means.  Jesus was a curse word in our house.  As an adult, I've learned how to pray.  I thought it was a complicated thing, but it's not.  It's like talking to a friend.  

Day to day, it's a natural thing to talk to Jesus.  He's a friend.  He's a confidant.  He's THE Savior.  He's definitely worth talking to.  Sometimes, it's easier to talk to Him than to anyone else.  He listens, He knows the heartaches and feelings that happen.  

Do you talk to the Lord?  I'd love to hear how He responds to you, how He answers your prayers!  He is an amazing God!


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