Learning Keto and Modifications (You Can Too!)


Last month I started the 40 Day Sugar Fast , and it has been pretty successful.  The desire for sugar is gone.  Sugar doesn't run my life anymore, and the desire for white breads and other white non-nutritional carbs is gone.  

I've tested the carb desire--a bit of French bread was so sweet, I had no idea store bought bread was so sweet.  I've tried a piece of candy here and there.  Nothing...no desire, no ravenous monster.  No "aaaah" feeling.  It's like that receptor died.  Believe me I'm glad.

While reading the 40 Day Sugar Fast on Scribd.com, another book popped up in suggested reading.  It was Dirty Lazy Keto.  Now, I'd heard bits and pieces about strictness and macros and micro and counting this and that with keto, so never really gave it much heed.  I don't want to do math homework for each meal or snack.  Math makes me sad.  

Imagine my surprise in reading through Dirty Lazy Keto, how the idea really is not strict at all.  It's basically high good fats, moderate protein, low carb, zero sugar.  Butter?  Yes!!  Bacon?  An angel choir sings!  Heavy whipping cream in my coffee with no guilt?  Such a blessing!  

I decided to try a few days and see what it's like.  Ya know what?  I liked it!  The only thing I've kept an eye on is total carbs.  I shoot for 30-50 carbs a day, and some days I go over.  No biggie.  

Here I am a month and a half later, and am quite happy with the test run.  I'm down a total of 40 pounds, starting from beginning of the year..not a month ago, although the majority has dropped off since mid April.  I've dropped from a 34/36 top and 42/44 bottom to a current 22/24 top and 28/30 bottom.  Yep, I'm a pear.  We're talking catalog order clothes because I was too big for off the rack even at Walmart.  I have taken in pants that I wear to work only, waists went in 8-10 inches so far.  Snug fit leggings are pretty loose in the fit now.  I've made a couple of tops to fill the gap as my current ones are so big I have to wear a second shirt underneath for modesty.  My handmade dresses are loose at the bodice, but are easily taken in or recycled into something else.  

Go easy on me, we don't have mirrors at home that go below the shoulders.  Opportunity happened.  401 pounds there, taken this past Monday.  Handmade dress that needs a little taking in.  Also noticed my hairline is receding.  What??!!!

What has Dirty Lazy Keto look like?  My version consists of non-starchy veggies, like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, salad greens, etc.  Meats are cooked in their own fat or in a bit of butter or olive oil with seasoning.  Full fat dairy fills out a good portion of my daily diet, with heavy whipping cream and cottage cheese.  Eggs are a heavy hitter as well.  I add in almonds, pistachios, and other nuts to help stave off hunger.  Almond milk and coconut milk helps make shakes and smoothies.  Many good recipes and ideas I find at All Day I Dream About Food, the link can be found on the left.  

Do I cheat?  Yep.  Sonic mozzie sticks and Taco Bell chipotle chicken burrito are my weakness.  Our town doesn't have Taco Bell and Sonic isn't cheap so those are occasional treats.  Whomever thought of frying cheese needs an award.  

Overall I've found this method of eating very easy, especially once the sweet tooth died.  And, since this is a long term journey, I'll keep documenting here.  I encourage you to take a peek at Dirty Lazy Keto if you are needing to lose stubborn fat, are diabetic, and just need a change.  

You are welcome to join me on the journey.  I'd love to be a cheerleader fir you!!

God bless,



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