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A Softer Side

This year I've resigned myself to slowing down.  Less selling, less focus on making money, more focusing on home.   This year, it's softer designs.  Hand quilting, fabric coverings, soft chairs, comforts.  I've been working on a "quilt as you go" styled string quilt for Jess (20), made from strips I cut years ago and put in a bin for "someday".  Someday arrived in seeing the tatters of Jess's quilt I made for her nearly 10 years ago.  The binding is torn and worn, fabric strips have torn from the seams and faded with lots of use.  It is good to know she had lots of use of it through the years.  And it's good to know I have more than enough fabric to replace with a new quilt for her room.   Another project I've been working on is a restoration quilt, made 30 years ago by my aunt for her granddaughter's wedding.  To me this is a work of love, and I've taken a lot of time to make sure it's put back together as close to original as I

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