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Sourdough Bread Baking

I love homemade sourdough bread.  It smells divine, and tastes heavenly freshly cut with melted butter and a drizzle of honey.   Over the years I've tried some different starters, one lasted for 9 years.  Last year I made an Amish Friendship Bread starter along side a rye sourdough starter.  Both were forgotten when I went back to working mostly full time.  Then, a month or two ago I restarted a rye based starter.   My starter lives in a stock pot on the counter.  It rises and falls with its feedings, smells mellow, and is prolific.   I take a cup or two of the starter, add molasses or honey, a teaspoon of yeast, buttermilk, and warm water, and let it burp til it's happy and showing it's bubbly.  Then, I add in some whole grain flour.  My current preference is oat flour.  You can purchase this in bulk, or grind your own from old fashioned or steel cut oats in your blender.  I choose to simply buy it in bulk, as I use a lot of it.   Add in your fat--olive oil or lard is what

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