August Already?

Can you believe it's August already?  Where has this summer went?  

Here in Southeast Kansas it has been a cool 100+ most days.  Our heat indices have been averaging 105-120+ depending on the day.  The cows are giving powdered milk and the hens are laying hard boiled eggs.  

Soon autumn will be here, with changing colors and (hopefully) cooler temperatures.  I love autumn, it's my favorite season.  The harvest comes in, the colors turn to beautiful reds, golds, and oranges, and we can open our windows without the heat blast.  

With autumn comes the innate desire to quilt and create warm items for home.  We have more blankets and throws than we can use, and one can always buy new inexpensive ones at the store, but there's nothing like a handmade quilt.  Cuddling up under a hand made quilt on cooler days, there's just a feeling of "home".  

It is time for us to prepare ahead for the cooler months to come.  Checking filters, sealing areas needing sealing to prevent the cold air from filtering in, stocking up on  supplies for cold weather now when prices are slightly less than when they rise in winter.  

What do you do to prepare for the cold to come?  

It's hard to think of cool autumn days when it's 110 outside.  It really is.  But, if we prepare sooner than later, the cold will not catch us unawares.  

School has started here in town.  It's good to hear the kids playing across the street during recess.  One of our cats absolutely loves having people at the school, as he enjoys inspecting all the vehicles in the parking lot as well as watching the kids from the front porch.  He gets depressed when there's no school!  

Well it is night time here in SE KS, and I must sign off for the moment.  I hope you rest well and have a great day tomorrow.  God bless!


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