Finding a New Home

This is now Alabaster Box Attire's new home.  In moving to this space, I've had to come to the realization that I cannot do my sewing full time anymore.  It has moved back to it's respective hobby status.  

Over the past two years I've had to return to the workforce.  First hubby had a workman's comp issue where he couldn't work then lost the job.   He had worked part time as a home health nurse to supplement his disability income.  Then, he'd worked a little too extra patient visit here and there, and lost his disability.  So we were zero income.  I went to work at a group home part time just before he lost his job in order to help pay the car payment, and stepped up hours and found full time work as well to keep us afloat.  I'd been out of the workforce for years tending the kids and home plus sewing to generate extra income.  

The full time work was self employed insurance driver, taking people to and from Dr appointments.  It put lots of miles on my car, but kept the bills paid.  Then I tried a couple of other jobs when the miles racked up and felt it was time to move on.  I landed at a railroad contractor that drives Engineers and Conductors to where ever they need to be.  The company starts everyone out as long haul driving, which is on call and no set hours.  I got to see a lot of countryside, and places many people don't go as well, like the sidings at railroad crossings out in the middle of nowhere to exchange crews on trains.  I've had opportunity to see some very interesting sights in large cities and small unincorporated towns, and learned a lot so far asking questions and talking with crew members.  

I've come to get shift hours at the railroad contractor, working on the yard as shuttle.  In the down time I read books, hand sew, listen to audio books, etc.  It has been a great opportunity to grow in bible study as well, although it seems when I take my bible and study book, the shift is very busy.  If I don't there's much less activity.  

During the time between the insurance driver position and railroad driver position, hubby gained employment at a state contractor using his nursing license and doing social work at an office job.  It's something he's physically able to do, and he's excelled in it.  His workman's comp case came to a close recently, which gave us nice breathing room. 

There's been many weeks I don't get to sit at the sewing machines anymore for maybe a minute.  Family needs demand attention, work shifts come, and errands take time.  I've missed the time at the machines, hearing the clicking of a vintage metal machine as it makes beautiful stitches.  While waiting for time to return to the machines, I have collected fabrics that would make sweet split skirts/culottes, skirts, jumpers, etc.  I'm wondering if fabric collecting is more of a hobby than fabric sewing! LOL!  Well, since I'm not sewing as much as I'd like, hopefully I can think of things that you all might like to read.  Maybe some recipes, some stories, sales, etc.  

So, I'm hoping this is a good home for Alabaster Box Attire, and I can share with you many things you might enjoy.  

Thank you for reading this far!  I appreciate it!



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