Waiting For Spring

I'm normally a pretty patient person.  I don't get overly excited about much, I can handle lots of things without getting agitated or worried or whatever.  

The end of winter is not one of those areas where I have patience.  I joyously look forward to the end of bitter cold days, the biting wind ceasing to chew away at us.  I long for open windows and sweet fresh air weaving its way through the house and freshening the stale air of closed up rooms.  Looking outside, I chomp at the bit to get out in the garden plot and dig in the dirt, plant new seed and await their growth into the summer and fall's harvest.  Dandelions and other "weeds" (herbs) can't come back fast enough in order to trim and use in teas.  

The winter cold has never been a friend of mine.  The long dark nights and short bursts of sun intermingled with freezing air and shades of brown all over don't bring the joy that spring greens and new bursts of color do.  We're all stowed away in our homes during the cold months, the yards silent of children playing and the smells of outdoor barbeques.  I impatiently yearn for the sounds of the bird chirping in the morning and the kids in the neighborhood playing and riding their bikes around town, of lawnmowers cranking up and trimming yards down, of tillers turning over the ground.  Yard sales return in spring, with the cleaning out of garages and houses after the winter months, opportunities to find treasures and inexpensive items that are useful.  Outdoor activities in town start up again with stores having sidewalk sales and street vendors, activities on the square, farmer's market, and so on.  We get to go out more and see each other in gatherings again in the fresh air and sunlight.  

What season do you enjoy the most?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Leave a comment below and tell me your seasonal likes (or dislikes)!

Happy not quite spring!



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