Weight Loss Update for June

Photo taken in the only place I visit with a mirror that goes below the shoulders ;)

It's now nearly the end of June.  I've been on the sugar fast since April, and have hopped on the Dirty Lazy Keto train as well.  

The changes are unbelievable!

My clothes have become super loose.  I had ordered a 42/44W pants for work, took them in a little at the waist.  I just ordered and wear easily a 28W now.  My tops were 32/34W and just a bit loose, as I don't care for snug fit.  I ordered and wear comfortably a 22W top now.  Granted each type and  design is different, but it is nice to see the changes.  I am at 40 lbs down, but size has significantly went down faster than the scale.  

My skin has cleared up almost completely.  I looked like a perpetual pimply teenager for years.  My skin has smoothed and softened with diet change.  Fat pads on my cheeks are reducing and cheekbones emerging.  Even on my hands the cuticles are not dry and separated, but hydrated and together.  My nails are stronger and healthier.  

Blood sugars have reduced quite a bit.  I was in the 300s fasting, and have moved down to the mid to upper 100s without insulin.  I restarted metformin under doctor's supervision, and using diet with that to lower glucose levels.  I had tingly feet and hands prior to this, and that has mostly stopped.  I was running at around 350-375 on any given day for blood sugars, and now I catch them at around 175.  till not quite on par but much better than they were.  

I've lost fat all over, and my mobility has improved quite a bit.  There's less arthritis pain and inflammation, I don't use the cane as much as I have in past months.  I can easily get in and out of personal and work vehicles and have more room in the driver's seat than I did before.  I have to move the seats up more now, something I'm not used to.  I'm seeing cheekbones emerge after hiding under layers of fat for years.  My feet don't swell as they used to, they don't look like balloons anymore.  I can get up out of a couch that swallows its victims, on the first try vs floundering like a turtle on its back.  

Most of all, I'm not hungry.  I don't feel a bit deprived or starved.  Quite the opposite!  I've been satiated, feeling full on eggs, butter, meats, nuts, lot of non-starchy veggies, etc.  I've been following along with Dirty Lazy Keto  and also Dr. Ken Berry on Youtube, learning how to lower blood sugars and eat very low carb.  It's been a learning experience, and honestly I'm glad to have found the low carb recipes, as it's changed how I feel physically.  I'm not perpetually tired and lethargic anymore.  I have energy to actually clean house and do things.  

I thank the Lord for showing this all to me, how to eat better, cleaner, and work toward becoming healthier.  To God be the glory!  

If you're interested in learning low carb eating, I can help, or you can definitely use You Tube, Google, and other areas and learn a lot.  If you're a diabetic, you would absolutely benefit.  

Thank you for listening to my rambling!


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