Monday Morning Musings


It's Monday morning again, July the 10, 2023.  It's a beautiful sunny morning, with low 60's for the temperature.  A gentle breeze wafts through the trees that surround our home.  We are preparing for another hot summer day here in rural Kansas.  

I'm preparing to get my day going, as laundry has already started and cats are fed.  One child is working on litter boxes, one has helped with moving laundry from points throughout the house to the laundry room.  I'm working on motivation to get started on the dishes left over from the weekend.  I work midnight to noon on Sunday mornings, and so little gets done from around noon Saturday until Monday morning.  

Today I will listen to sermons in catching up from Sunday.  Once I return home Sunday afternoons, I stay awake just a little while and then nap for a few hours.  When at work, during down time, I can listen to whatever I choose, and when I can, I listen to sermons or a livestream Sunday School lesson.  Or, there's Christian radio with different ministries preaching and teaching to tune in and listen to.  At home, I listen to preaching from Calvary Baptist Church in Knob Noster, MO, by Whiteman AFB.  This was once my home church, where I learned to love deep dives into Scripture, bible history, Baptist history, studying in general, the old hymns and doctrines, traditional roles of men and women, modest attire, and so much more.  There I met several great revival preachers and teachers, missionaries, wonderful God fearing families who've remained friends, etc.  I also learned to look for red flags, when things aren't right, and when to walk away if needed.  It's several hours away from me now, as I've moved a time or two, so I can't go in person there.  So I enjoy via their website.   Anyway, the youngest child and I listen to these as we go about our cleaning day.  We listen to Pandora's Karen Peck and New River channel as well and sing along with the songs.  It's great to have the internet available in order to have access to these, it makes the day to day work go by so much faster when enveloped in the Word.

This evening the plan is to sew on a comforter for our bed.  The current one is 40 years old and literally falling apart and rotting from years of use and washing.  I've designed a top from scraps and recycled clothing, using fleece for batting and a sheet as backing, to replace this comforter.  If possible I hope to use the batting from the comforter as filling for the new one, and tie it all together vs using machine quilting, for a fluffy light weight blanket and not have to use fleece.  It is good economy to make use of leftovers and recycle what we can, or as my parents put it--waste not want not.  It saves me at least $40 to $50, and we don't have to purchase a Chinese made cheaply constructed item.  I've taken skirts off of old dresses, reusing the fabrics and removing stains and holes, and cut them to use in the top.  Little scrap pieces were made into 9 patch blocks around 15 inches wide.  Old sheets and leftover scrap pieces from making clothing to sell went into these.  I can't wait to show you the final result!!

My husband and I are discussing sourcing a wheeled walker to use so I can go out walking around town.  My knees are horribly arthritic, and while I'm losing fat, they are still yet unstable and stiff.  I can walk well with carts at stores, so maybe the wheeled walker will help in order to go out walking and exercising and lose more fat and take more pressure off of them.  It is a little embarrassing, a hit to pride, to need the help, but thankfully the help is there.  To God be the glory!  I look forward to going out in the early mornings and walking before the heat of the day.  

Well, my coffee is nearly finished, and it is time to get chores started.  I hope you have a wonderful day!  I'll be praying for you!



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