July Update

July has been great so far!  I'm down 44 pounds and looking better.  God is so good!

The first picture was taken a month or two ago.  The second one was taken today at Subway while getting a protein bowl for work.  

My blood sugars have dropped from fasting 375+ and spikes over 400, down to 159.  Fat is coming off all over, and mobility is better.  

Still doing dirty lazy keto and 20/4 intermittent fasting.  I don't fast on Sunday as I do overnight midnight to noon and it changes up my sleep/wake cycle.  The rest of the time it's noon to 1600 eating window and there's no holds barred.  

While the scale is slowly moving downward, there's bodily changes that are happening that are great!  I've had lipedema for years, and have been in stage 3/4, mostly upper legs.  Despite the experts saying that it is not curable, not responsive to diet, I have to say that it is.  I'm softening and reducing in the lipedema areas.  That is an amazing feat, seeing and feeling softness where once hardened skin once lay.  Will it every go away completely?  Maybe, if continuing on the keto diet.  

One downside in not going to keto and intermittent fasting sooner is diabetic neuropathy.  It has settled into 8 toes.  It gets a little interesting walking when your toes are tingling similar to how a limb feels when it's asleep.  This doesn't go away, it's a mild, constant tingling.  Occasionally shooting pains.  But with diet and continuing to get blood sugars under control at least I can slow down or arrest any further damage.  To God be the glory it's been at least found and slowed down so far compared to what it could have been by now.  

Lately I've been finding some really great recipes through All Day I Dream About Food.  Their facebook page shares several recipes per day that are low carb and high in fat and protein, perfect for keto diets.  They look, and taste, wonderful.  I highly recommend this site!

I hope you are having a great week, and I look forward to chatting with you again!

Feel free to leave comments, I'd love to hear from you!  


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